Easter Egg
The Easter Egg pet is an event pet that can be acquired between March 24, 2010 to April 7, 2010. Inside the egg is a rabbit that attacks its targets.


  • Basic Attack (Lv. 1) - Pet's basic attack.
  • Pierce Attack (Lv. 5) -
    • This attack requires a training of 10,000 Gold
  • "Your Bunny is Cute" (Lv. 10) - Recovers 100 CP for its master.
    • This attack requires a training of 20,000 Gold (wrong value since Upgrade)
  • Secret Jutsu: Bunny's Gift - Restore CP to master after taking damage (10% of HP reduced).
    • This attack requires a training of 30,000 Gold (wrong value since Upgrade) and 5 Level 1 Magatama
  • Secret Jutsu: Bunny's Surprise (Lv. 20) - Throw eggs to opponents so that they can only restore 90% of their CP for turns.
    • This attack requires a training of 40,000 Gold (wrong value since Upgrade), 6 Level 1 Magatama, 4 Level 2 Magatama, and 2 Level 3 Magatama
  • Secret Jutsu: Rocket Bunny (Lv. 30) - Reduce target's HP and CP by 4%.
    • This attack requires a training of 50,000 Gold (wrong value since Upgrade), 10 Level 1 Magatama, 8 Level 2 Magatama, 6 Level 3 Magatama, 4 Level 4 Magatama, and 2 Level 5 Magatama
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