Enraged Forest
Enraged Forest Talent
Type Secret Talent
Ninja Emblem? No
Cost 1,000,000 Gold
Talent Skills

The Enraged Forest is combined by the elements of Water and Earth. Users manipulate the growth of trees and uses wood to attack targets.



  • This talent same as Wood Release Kekkei Genkai in Naruto.

Talent skills

Talent skills
Icon Name Type Description Effect at Lv. 10
Nature Power Nature Power Passive Chance to inflict Nature Power upon using Earth or Water skills (HP & CP Recovery). 48% chance to recover 6% HP & CP when using water and Earth skills
Secret Enraged Forest - Smothering Bind Secret Enraged Forest: Smothering Bind Active - Debuff Entwine target with branches of tree.

Damage: Lv x 730%
CP: Lv x 1,000%
Cooldown: 16

Stun target (2 turn)

Secret Enraged Forest - Matsuri Secret Enraged Forest: Matsuri Active - Attack Entwine target with explosion of giant branches of a tree. Damage: Lv x 1,630%
CP: Lv x 1,000%
Cooldown: 16




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