Hanasikukuzo is a flower eating monster that loves eating flowers in your garden. Don't let it eat all the rose here!

This world boss appears on during the Saga Romance 2011 event.

This world boss appears again during the Valentine's Day 2013 event.


  • Level: Character's level


  • Wood Bundle: Deals damage and inflict Stun for 2 turns.
  • Wood Whip: Deals damage.
  • (Normal Attack): Deals damage.
  • Eat That Rose!: Recovers HP to itself.
  • Black Valentine: Deals damage and inflict Restriction for 2 turns.
  • Whirlwind Wood Whip: Deals damage and inflicts Internal Injury.
  • World Flower: Casts Strengthen.

Battle Preview

Hanasikukuzo during Valentine's Day 2013 event

Ninja Saga - Valentine 2013 Event Boss Hanasikukozo00:44

Ninja Saga - Valentine 2013 Event Boss Hanasikukozo

Hanasikukuzo Boss

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