Hanjiro(ハンジロ)  is a major antagonist in Ninja Saga, varying over many missions in the Special Events and regular category. His genjutsu is just as good as Genzu. He is the leader of the Rebel Ninja, Evil Monk, Escaped Prisoner and the Hooligans. He is supposed to be highly skilled in Genjutsu being able to control others mind (such as the evil monks and rebel ninjas and escaped prisoners) and use them at his will, to slow down the player's character, Shin, Kira and whomever else may be with you during the current mission. He is also supposed to be a S-rank criminal.

Appears in

Special Events

Grade B Missions


  • (Sword slash): Deals 30-45 damage.
  • (Piercing wind sword): Deals 70-80 damage.


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