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Jounin (上忍, Jōnin; Literally meaning "High Ninja") is the third ninja rank. Chunin can become a Jounin by completing the Jounin Campaign at the level of 40. The rank of Jounin varies from level 40 to level 60.

Features available

  • Every feature the rank of Genin and Chunin has, excluding a variety of Daily Tasks from the rank of Genin.
  • Now able to do Grade A Missions and TP Training missions.
  • Fight world bosses in the Hunting House up to level 60 after reaching the required level(s).
  • Learn Talents: One Extreme Talent at level 40 and one Primary Secret Talent at level 50.
  • Buy weapons and items up to level 60.
  • Learn skills up to level 60.


  • The Daily Task is still restricted to either completing 4 missions or recruiting 6 friends.
  • Jounin can no longer earn XP after reaching level 60.
  • No new Special Events after reaching level 42.

Tensai Jounin

Chunin can become a Tensai Jounin before July 20, 2010 when the Jounin Campaign was first released.

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