Kinjutsu: Advance Phantom Impulse
Kinjutsu - Advance Phantom Impulse
Type Taijutsu Advanced Kinjutsu
Level 1
Chakra 10
Damage 10
Cooldown 10
Cost 500 Tokens + Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse
Skill Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

(Kinjutsu) Target 15% maximum HP as damage. Damage done not affected by any status; this Jutsu can be dodged. Increase 15% Damage for the next 5 turns.

Additional effect(s)

Reduce the target's HP by 15% of the target's maximum HP.

Cast Strengthen on the user: Increase the user's attack damage by 15% for 5 turns.


  • Using this skill and Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal can reduce a target's HP by a maximum of 40 percent. Since Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal only reduces HP by the target's current HP, Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal should be used before Kinjutsu: Advance Phantom Impulse.

Obtained by

This skill can only be purchased outside of the Academy for 500 Tokens between October 6, 2011 and October 13, 2011 but it requires Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse and it replaces Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse.

This skill returned during the Sakura Matsuri event on April 26, 2012 as a fan page poll result.[1] This skill can be purchased for 800 Tokens during the event but it requires and replaces Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse.

Skill Preview

Ninja Saga Kinjutsu Advanced Phantom Impulse00:37

Ninja Saga Kinjutsu Advanced Phantom Impulse

Upgraded Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse with 500 tokens which deals more danage

See also


  • This is the first upgraded skill that replaces the previous version of the skill.



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