Kinjutsu: Fujin Vacuum Storm
Kinjutsu - Fujin Vacuum Storm
Type Wind Kinjutsu
Level 60
Chakra 300
Damage 488
Cooldown 12
Cost 750 Tokens
Skill None
Training Time Instant
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

(Kinjutsu) Reduce 20% critical chance (4 turns), increase 3 Lightning Ninjutsu cool down, receives 120% damage if player is under 'Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough' status effect.

Additional effect(s)

Inflicts Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough on the target: The target's Critical Chance decreases by 20% for 4 turns and the cooldown of all of the target's Thunder Ninjutsu increase by 4 turns immediately. If the target (under Kinjutsu: Fujin Vacuum Storm debuff) is attacked while the attacker is under the Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough buff, the target takes 120% of the damage.


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