Ninja Panda
Ninja Panda is a fighting Panda that serves under Vadar. The Ninja Panda specializes in Taijutsu and fights brutally. He first appears in Stage 5-2 of the Special Jounin Campaign as the Ninja Panda was lured into a trap created by Mori Naruhisa.

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  • Level: 60
  • HP: 200,000
  • CP: 100,000
  • Agility: ???


  • Break Through Lv 1: Cast Strengthen.
  • Dragon Ultimate Hit: Deal 300 damage and inflict Disperse.
  • Sonic Blade: Deal 100 and inflict Disperse.
  • Ultra Bellow: Deals 30 damage to all enemies if the attack hits the main player. Also, if the attack is successful, the user takes no damage for 2 turns.
  • Beast Combo: Deals 95 damage.
  • Break Through Lv 2: Cast Strengthen. (Used after losing a half amount of HP.)
  • Beast Smash: Deals 350 damage and inflict Disperse to all enemies if the attack hits the main player.


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  • This is the only member in Vadar's team to be an animal.
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