Norobi (ノロビ) is the son of Hokage Yudai,[1] the grandson of Chiyo[2], and the nephew of Ken,[3] Aiko,[4] and Vadar,[5] and step-nephew of Anaki.[6] He first appears in the Special Event "The Battle Dog" as he is afraid of the battle dogs.

He gets kidnapped in the Grade C Mission "Kage's Son" and the Yudai wants the player to save him. He has a friend name Fuji and during the Grade A Mission "Concern of Norobi," Norobi and Fuji wants to go to a carnival outside of the village but they are strictly told that they can't go alone as they may get captured by villains again. The player safely takes them there.

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Special Events

Grade A Missions

Grade C Missions

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  2. Grade C Mission "Grandmother's Gift".
  3. Special Event mission "Ken's Challenge".
  4. Former Special Event mission "Fierce Cat".
  5. During Stage 5-1 of the Special Jounin Campaign.
  6. During Stage 4 of the Chunin Campaign.

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