Puppet Shin
Puppet Shin is a puppet that is created by Genan that resembles Shin. It appeared during the second chapter of the first stage of the Special Jounin Campaign along with Puppet Ryu and Genan.

Appears in



Hard Mode:

  • Level: 60
  • HP: 24,000
  • CP: 24,000
  • Agility: ???

Easy Mode:

  • Level: 60
  • HP: 6,600
  • CP: 6,600
  • Agility: ???


Hard Mode:

  • Lightning Kicks: Deals 290? damage.
  • Light Speed Cannon: Deals 800? damage. (Used after losing a half amount of HP.)

Easy Mode:

  • Lightning Kicks: Deals 29? damage.
  • Lightning Speed Cannon: Deals 80? damage. (Used after losing a half amount of HP.)

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