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Rank C Missions
Rank C missions are level 1-19 missions that academy students (or Starters) can start off with. Rank C missions appear in the iOS and Android versions of Ninja Saga.

There are currently 22 Rank C missions. After completing every Rank C mission at least once, the Genin Exam becomes available for Level 20 Students.

List of Rank C missions

iOS version

NOTE: XP rewards for ranks 1 and 2 for levels 3 through 5 need to be updated.
Name Level XP Gold Description
1 2 3 1 2 3
Ninja Thieves! 1 40 50 60 60 75 90 Notorious ninja thieves have sneaked in!
Bandits 2 60 75 90 75 94 113 Bandits are just outside!
Bandit's Trap 3 84 105 126 90 113 135 Their captain comes and set up a trap
The Bandit Boss 4 108 135 162 105 132 158 Finally, the boss!
Suspicious Ninja 5 96 120 144 120 150 180 Mysterious people are spotted!
Lightning Traitors 6 90 135 162 135 169 203 Some lightning ninja traitors are attacking the villages around Shinobi.
Water Traitors 7 126 158 189 150 188 225 Lightning is gone, now the Water betrayals!
Invasion 8 156 195 234 165 207 248 Shinobi is under attack by ninja traitors!
Phanton Ninja 9 324 270 The tougher enemies have arrived!
Samurai's Revenge 10 360 330 Ninja and samurai are rivals for centuries already!
Ninja Thieves Return 11 360 495 Ninja Thieves have joined the traitors and come back!
Bandits Again? 12 285 342 482 578 Spotted: Bandits are back!
The Bandits Group 13 323 500 All the bandits are back!
Arcane Ninja Invasion 14 360 525 They come in large scale!
Water Traitors Invasion 15 675 563 Ninja betrayals from the Water Village are back!
Masked B & W 16 408 475 The masked black and white robbing people's money!
Samurai-Bandit Attack 17 432 500 Samurai losers joined a new group to attack Shinobi!
Phantom Ninja Return 18 675 657 All the antagonists have come back, but what for?
Iaijuts u Challenge 19 1,638 450 We heard Sword Ninjas are very peaceful, we don't know why they are attacking us
Ghost Shogun 19 1,350 750 The Ghost Shogun is behind all this. Go and stop him, Ninja!
Gedo Sessho Seki 20 900 1,125 500 625
Gedo Sessho Seki was summoned, do you have confidence to defeat him?

Android version

Name Level XP Gold Description
1 2 3 1 2 3
Enemy Scout Spotted! 1 40 100 Capture the scout before he returns to his base.
Another Scout Spotted 2 50 130 The enemy has stepped up their effort, we need to delay them at all costs.
Missions (mobile version)
Rank C missions
iOS Ninja Thieves!BanditsBandit's TrapThe Bandit BossSuspicious NinjaLightning TraitorsWater TraitorsInvasionPhanton NinjaSamurai's RevengeNinja Thieves ReturnBandits Again?The Bandits GroupArcane Ninja InvasionWater Traitors InvasionMasked B & WSamurai-Bandit AttackPhantom Ninja ReturnIajuts u ChallengeGhost ShogunGedo Sessho Seki
Android Enemy Scout Spotted!Another Scout Spotted
Rank B missions
People are MissingCollect potion for cure.Earth Ninja's RequestAn important letterThe return of Sword NinjaThe unexpected attack!Protecting a daimyoA weapon collectionSaving the Temple!Medical Supply ChallengeTop secret?Escape from jailFlower Ninja?!
Rank A missions
Greedy Trespassers!The unexpected robberyEvil Seal
Rank S missions
Prologue Prologue
Genin Exam Quick Test!Genin Exam Begins!Genin Exam Part 2
Chunin Exam Chunin Exam Part 1Chunin Exam Termination?!Investigation Completed
Special Event missions (iOS)
Thanksgiving 2011 (1.1.18) Dinner PreparationTurkey ThiefA missing ingredient
Christmas 2011 (1.1.20) Reindeer's StrikeReindeer ClubReindeer Club Leader
Valentine's Day 2012 (1.2.0) The legendary pet!Silver and Golden wolvesRoses found!
Bunny Event 2012 (1.2.4) Bunny Egg Hunt Part 1Bunny Eggs Hunt Part 2
Gobi Mission (1.2.13) The Gobi's ArrivalThe Spirits of the Wind & FireThe Spirits of the Lightning & EarthThe Spirits of the WaterThe SealThe Defeat of Gobi
Seasonal Event missions (Android)

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