Sen Ryo (せんりょ)  is one of the three opponents that appear in the Shinobi Tower in Jounin Exam 2/5: Shinobi Tower. He uses summoning techniques, Fire Ninjutsu, and hair-manipulating techniques.

Appears in

Special Events


  • Summoning: Fire Release: Dual Lion Flame: Deals 350 damage and inflict Burn (lose 3% HP each turn).
  • Fire Release: Fire Helix Sphere Deals 270 damage and inflict Bleeding (25% extra damage taken).
  • Summoning: Lion Destroyer: Deals 300 damage and inflict Stun for 2 turns.
  • Hair Needle: Deals 160 damage.
  • Hair Whip: Deals 150 damage.


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  • Sen Ryo has a striking resemblence to the Sannin Jiraiya from Naruto. He used to summon Toads instead of Lions, and used Fire Release: Fire Helix Sphere, which looked had the appearance of the Rasengan. Just like Jiraiya in Sennin Mode, he is able to use his hair to attack.

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