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Summoned by Kojima. Kojima ordered Yanki to protect Kojima's Third Laboratory. Yanki will not allow anyone to enter the laboratory.
Shikigami YanKi (updated)
Shikigami YanKi is a Rank C World Boss in the Hunting House that was originally a level 20 world boss before the Hunting House update on April 2, 2012. 5 Kari Badges are required to battle it.


Original stats

  • Level: 20
  • HP: 12,760
  • CP: 2,800
  • Agility: 59

Possible rewards

  • Level 15-25: 1,200 Gold, 1,550 XP
  • Level 75-85: 3,600 Gold, 4,550 XP


Previous rewards

  • 4,078 XP, 5,000 Gold



  • Level 1 Magatama
  • Level 2 Magatama
  • Level 3 Magatama


  • Fire Power: Cast Strengthen, increasing all attack damage by 40% for 5 turns.
  • Fire Release: Fireball: Deals 150 - 300+ damage.
  • Fire Release: Flame Wheel: Deals 400 - 500 damage.
  • Fire Release: Fire Bullet Combo: Deals 300 - 1100+ damage to all enemies if the attack hits the main player.
  • Fire Release: Self Explosion: Deals 500 - 700 damage, takes some damage recoiled, and inflicts Burn.
  • Fire Release: Blazing Claw: Deals 200+ damage.
  • Fire Release: Great Burning Wave: Deals 100 - 250 damage to all enemies if the attack hits the main player and may inflict Burning to all players. (3% HP loss).
  • Fire Release: Flame Burst: Deal 300 - 700 damage and inflicts Burn (3% HP loss).
  • Evil Poison: Inflicts Poison for 1 turn.
  • Fire Energy: Heals 2500 HP (3750 HP if critical) to itself.


  • Stun it to stop Yanki from devastating lots of damage.
  • Blind it to dodge all the burns.
  • If you had a friend with anything that casts Internal Injury to a target, use it to stop Yanki's heal.
  • Extreme damage dealers can afford to solo Yanki.


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