Shuji (シュジ) is a Level 40 Tensai Chunin of the Fire Village that can be recruited for a mission for 40 Tokens. He specializes in Water-element Ninjutsu.


  • Level: 40
  • HP: 9,000 approx.
  • CP: ???
  • Agility: 90+


  • Normal Attack: Deals 300-400 damage.
  • Water release: Refresh: Casts Strengthen on the main character for 6-7 turns.
  • 'Water release:' Dual Water Edge: Deals 400-450 damage.
  • 'Water release:' Twin Shark Missile: Deals 450-600 damage and inflict Stun for 4 turns.
  • Sword Attack: Deals 300-400 damage.
  • Tri Combat Rapid: Deals 120 damage three times.

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