Active at the volcano area, Tomaru can emit fireball from its mouth. This pet can be acquired at the Pet Shop for 400 Tokens with a Ninja Emblem.


Easa-Hachibi-Inokuchi-Tomaru-Yamaru's stats


  • Basic Attack (Lvl. 1) - Pet's basic attack.
  • Fire Ball (Lvl. 5) - Burn target to reduce target's HP by 2% (3 turns).
    • This attack requires a training of 10,000 Gold
  • Dark Touch (Lvl. 10) - Reduce target's damage by 8% for 2 turns.
    • This attack requires a training of 20,000 Gold
  • Firebreath (Lvl. 15) - Emit the breath of fire to reduce master's jutsu CP consumption by 30% (2 turns)
  • Secret: Hell Flame Eater (Lvl. 20) - Ultimate jutsu - Swallow the flame on target to deal bigger damage: reduce target's HP by 1% and remove burn status (5% if target is under burn status)
  • Secret: Evil Fire Ward (Lvl. 30) - Ultimate jutsu - Forms a fiery kekkei to guard master within 2 turns: burn attacker's HP by 3% in 1 turn.


  • Even though this pet have offensive stats, it has been classified as a supportive pet in the Pet Shop.
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