Zoshi (or Zhozi[1]) is an animated training dummy, ready to fight by any ninja's side! This pet was only available durring Ninja Saga's 1st anniversary, by making any purchase, and claiming him in the Carnival event screen.

This pet became re-available as a grand prize reward for the Ninja Scratch Card between February 21, 2012 to March 4, 2012.


  • Offense: 3/3
  • Defense: 2/3
  • Support: 1/3


  • Basic Attack (Lv. 1) - Pet's basic attack.
  • Cannon Ball Strike (Lv. 5) - Punch and kick target.
    • This attack requires a training of 10,000 Gold.
  • Swift Kick (Lv. 10) - A quick dash of flying kick.
    • This attack requires a training of 20,000 Gold.
  • Dummy Block (Lv. 15) - Block attack for master, 50% chance to resist attack damage (2 turns)
    • This attack requires a training of 30,000 Gold and 5 Level 1 Magatama.
  • Secret: Aloneness Fist (Lv. 20) - Ultimate taijutsu - Punch on target and have 40% chance to disable target from healing (2 turns)
    • This attack requires a training of 40,000 Gold, 6 Level 1 Magatama, 4 Level 2 Magatama, and 2 Level 3 Magatama.
  • Secret: Two Shadow As One (Lv. 30) - Ultimate taijutsu - Attack target together with its shadow and have 30% chance to remove all buff from target
    • This attack requires a training of 50,000 Gold + 10 Level 1 Magatama + 8 Level 2 Magatama + 6 Level 3 Magatama + 4 Level 4 Magatama + 2 Level 5 Magatama.



Zoshi skills.


  1. Zoshi spelled as Zhozi in the Ninja Saga News during his re-release and in the Facebook news.
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